Anastasia Douka | C HAIN, 2009 | Courtesy the artist
Stirring the Vitiated Air | Su Wang
Αlways Starts with an Encounter: Wols-Eileen Quinlan | Photo by Eftychia Vlahou
Preview Film | Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism (2014/ 54 min), Director: Feriel Ben Mahmoud, Tunisia
The Bombing of Rafah

NEON funds, for the seventh consecutive year, the activities of Outset Greece, an annex of the international cultural organization Outset Contemporary Art Fund. This aims to support Greek artists, new producers and artistic initiatives, both in Greece and abroad.

In 2019 Outset Greece will be supporting the following institutions and organizations:

Apparat Athen, Athens

EAR 17, Athens

Office of Displaced Designers, Lesvos

Radio Athènes, Athens

Snehta, Athens

State of Concept, Athens

TAVROS, Athens


In 2019 Outset Greece will be supporting the following initiatives:


Exhibitions & Projects

Echo Chamber asbl, Brussels | PROJECT: Ilan Manouach | Tactile Deck

Frontviews, Berlin | GROUP EXHIBITION: Bed Manners

Association Sharing Perama, Perama | PROJECT: Robert Montgomery | Sharing Perama

Schwarz Foundation, Munich | PROJECT: Marianna Christofides | It exhausts my elbow

YELLOW BRICK & A Hollow Place, Athens | GROUP EXHIBITION: Nurseries of the unconscious. Desiring-productions and group fantasies


Residency Programs

danceWeb, Vienna | Marina Miliou Theocharaki

Pioneer Works Art Foundation, New York | Hypercomf