ATITLON, the upcoming dance theater performance by Antonia Economou, will be presented for the first time.

An invisible hand paints and the ghosts of the creator appear in flesh and bones. In a haunted locus of conflict and discord, he stands as a mere spectator. A painting slowly appears in three dimensional form and is immortalized “inside” the white canvas. The distorted figures that emerge leave behind traces and imprints of their journey, documenting on the canvas a love story that progresses from beginning to end. Like an incomprehensible chaos that, much like nature itself, creates order. A figurative allegory for the universal need of humans to create through the body, whose memory, and as memory, is always condemned to return to the wounds it believes it has forgotten.

Choreographer Antonia Economou writes: ATITLON began in 2019 and the creative process was interrupted due to lockdown. During this period, I started experimenting with moving images, using cinematic and visual means. These processes inspired me to create the new version of ATITLON, reapproaching it through new lenses beyond the choreographic aspect. In collaboration with Constantine Skourlis, we created a new score with the aim of having sound, light, moving bodies, and the visual space in constant dialogue, “moving” together towards a static image, a painting, a black and white universe. ATITLON, for me, represents a multidimensional world that nurture a story about love, conflict, memory, and trauma.

ATITLON is supported by NEON through its annual Grants Programme.