The new production by griffon dance company Shifting Time premieres at Motel for dance for four performances only. The performance deals with time and the damage it causes, seen through the eyes of two experienced dancers. The two dancers share on stage a common narrative about their close relationship with the art of dance, that could be fictional as well as true.

“It is true, our bodies are perishable and this realization, which is common to all living organisms, comes in contrast to the nature of dance in the West, which is synonymous to youth and physical vigour. The dancers live deep inside the bodies, understand them functionally to such an extent, that they easily fall into the trap of not seeing them over time as entities obedient to their reality. It is a fallacy then, and when they become aware of it, the choices of managing the inevitable end becomes of particular interest”, notes Yannis Nicolaidis.

In Shifting Time the music is by Anthony Palaskas, the costumes and set design by Ioanna Tsami and Tasos Paleoroutas is responsible for the lighting design, photography by Evita Skourleti and production management by Christina Polychroniadou.

Supported by NEON through its annual Grants Programme and funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.