NEON Grants | Ermira Goro

03/06/2022 - 05/06/2022

THIRST, Ermira Goro, Photograph © Pinelopi Gerasimou
THIRST, Ermira Goro, Photograph © Pinelopi Gerasimou



03/06/2022 - 05/06/2022

Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260 - Building E


3, 4, 5 June | 21:00

Tickets: 17€  | Pre-sale : &

Concept – Choreography | Ermira Goro

Movement material in collaboration with the performers

Performers | Iro Konti, Dimitra Mertzani, Martha Pasakopoulou, Elton Petri, Sofia Pouchtou, Thanos Ragousis

Dramaturgy | Anastasios Koukoutas

Music | Stavros Gasparatos

Set and costume design | Christos Delidimos

Lighting design | Vangelis Mountrichas

Assistant to the composer | Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Executive production | Delta Pi

Production manager | Removement

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Choreographer Ermira Goro returns with her new piece, THIRST, a spellbinding performance, a true experience on the primeval and ever-cherished concept of rituals. Via six dancers and Stavros Gasparatos’ original musical composition, this work explores how contemporary art may be part of the quest for, or better put, the invention of “new” rituals necessary for our survival.

“In an era where “rituals” have become individualized and detached from the context of community, how do we detect the physical memory that exists in all authentic rituals? How exactly does this form of memory survive? In her new piece, choreographer Ermira Goro, a familiar name to Festival audiences, deliberately avoids a nostalgic take on ritual as a foundational “myth”. Six dancers, guided by Stavros Gasparatos’ original musical composition, seek something that may be impossible to find anymore. Flashes of memory, fragments of movement, shells of experience punctuate the original question: if ritual inhabits the cellular memory of a community, what exactly can it reveal to us about its contemporary structure and the bodies attempting to perform it” Anastasios Koukoutas, Dramaturg

Supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports and NEON.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Peiraios 260 – Building E

Tavros, Attiki

Peiraios 260 - Building E

Athens Festival Peiraios 260, Pireos, Kallithea, Greece