Cleaning the Mirror | performance for video | Oxford University, 1995 | ©Marina Abramović | Courtesy Marina Abramović Archives



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Benaki Museum | Pireos 138

Free Entrance


Location | Auditorium & 1st Floor

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Tuesday 15 March | 12.00 -20.00
8 Lessons Documentary, 2008
Screening Location | Auditorium

Marina’s work 8 Lessons on Emptiness with a Happy End communicates profound anxiety about the excess of contemporary representations of violence. 8 Lessons is a complex video installation that should, along with its companion photographic series, be understood as a counterpoint to the countless atrocities represented everywhere. Marina employs a performative strategy of re-creating stylized warfare psychodrama performed by children, meant to lead to spiritual purification. This film documents the production of this particular artwork.

Wednesday 16 March | 12.00 – 17.00
Cleaning the House: Behind the scenes documentary of Marina’s artistic process
Screening Location | 1st Floor

The Cleaning the House workshop was developed by Marina Αbramović to prepare performers for creating long-durational works. Participants are led through a series of long-durational exercises to improve individual focus, stamina, concentration, resistance to pain, and ability to break through physical and mental boundaries. At the start of each workshop, participants must turn in their cellphones, computers, and watches. Participants are required to refrain from eating or speaking throughout the 3-5 day workshop to bring the body and mind to a quiet, calm state. The conditions of each exercise are explained at the moment of execution. This film documents the behind of the scene process of running this workshop.

Thursday 17 March | 12.00 – 20.00
Reel of Marina’s T.V. interviews, 1980s – 90s (4h)
Screening Location | 1st Floor

A reel of T.V interviews conducted by Marina Abramović between the 1980s – 90s on the topic of performance.

Friday 18 March | 12.00 – 18.00
Screening Location | 1st Floor

Tehching Hsieh, Time Clock (1980-1981)
For the Time Clock Piece, from 11 April 1980 through 11 April 1981, Tehching Hsieh punched a time clock every hour on the hour. At the beginning of the performance, Hsieh shaved his head and over the course of the piece, he took a photograph of himself each time the time clock is punched, marking the passage of time. These photographs were strung together into a 6-minute film.

Tehching Hsieh, Outdoors (1981-1982)
For the Outdoor Piece, from 26 September 1981 through 26 September 1982, Hsieh spent one year outside, never entering any buildings, trains, cars, ships, caves, or tents. He carried a sleeping bag. This 30-minute video captures Hsieh as he navigated through New York City.

Photo by Tokomburu

Looking at the Colors | ©Felipe Neves/FLAGCX for Marina Abramović Institute and Kaldor Public Art Projects

Platforms | ©Felipe Neves/FLAGCX for Marina Abramović Institute and Kaldor Public Art Projects

Benaki Museum
Pireos 138 & Andronikoou

Free Entrance


Benaki Museum, Pireos St building, Pireos, Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece